Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Martin Luther King Day Celebration

This Friday night, we had a celebration about Martin Luther King Day and the Voices of Unity Choir was there too. I had really good time there not only because getting to know more about the meaning and effects of Martin Luther King's life  in young generations but also I learned to  accomplish my own life's true value. 
At the very beginning, my friends and I were really surprised about the beautiful and well done music from the Voices of Unity Choir. They did a great job of giving an awesome performance of showing children's gift about singing. 
After then, one of my friend, Cloe, she gave a speech about her experience since she joined MSO which is multi-culture Student Organization has an amazing influence on students' life on campus. 
After speeches, there is a DV show about students, staff and faculty's ideas about the reasons about why Martin Luther King's life still matters today. I agree with how his spirit had the power on young people's dreams and encourage them to make them come true. Moreover, the true value of his life has given me a hint to think about life. It doesn't really matter how big your dream and passion are but it matters what are you doing a day.
This week is black education week which is a great opportunity for me to know more about American history.    

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day No School Day and Chinese New Year's Eve

This is an amazing gift for us that we don't have school today to celebrate Chinese New Year.
I just had enough time to talk to my family- my mum, my dad, my cousins and my aunts. It is so good that I could see them and heard they had delicious food. I wish everyone has a happy new year.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chicago Trip - China Town

Chinese New Year is coming soon, ISA had prepared a trip to Chicago China town this weekend. We had so much fun this time, we had real Chinese food and drinks, visited all kinds of stores in China town and we sang karaoke.It was an amazing trip to celebrate Chinese New Year.
On Saturday morning, we got up so early like 6 am and got ready to take a train to Chicago. We made it to Waterloo train station. Luckily, the train came on time and we all got on the train. On the way to Chicago, it was a so interesting trip. Guys were watching their Chinese movies and Mengting and I were watching the passing by beautiful views. It was so quiet and beautiful outside the train. Sherard who is from Bahamas has been hanging out with us all the time and we were just keeping teaching him how to speak Chinese and Chinese culture. He had so much fun to get access to a totally new and different culture.
Three hours later, we made it Chicago and  it was not that cold and windy as I thought. We took subways to China town was so convenient transportation. When four of us just got China town, we were super excited to see Chinese characters, Oriental markets, restaurants everywhere. We were automatically start talking in Chinese.It was a very happy and busy town. A lot of people came for Chinese New Year which we called Spring Festival in China. Everyplace was crowed with people not only Asians but also some Americans. Red festival decorations were pasted or hanged everywhere.
We couldn't wait and went into a busy and famous restaurant. After we sat down and started eating Chinese food, I was about to cry. It has been a long time no eating such kind of delicious food. We had very good conversations together. And everyone all felt like missing home cook more.
Anyway, China town is a very good place for us to go at this special time in a year. I wish everyone has a very happy and good new year.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year New Semester and New start

I am so excited about coming back to school to see all the friends and study new things.
Last night, it was bingo night. I went bingo even though I didn't win anything I still had a lot of fun to play bingo with friends together. It was so much fun about hearing people screaming about "bingo" and running for their prises.
Today is the first day of school, we had a big snow today however, I am so happy sitting in classroom to learn something.I got to motivate myself keep working hard to achieve whatever I want from this semester.
Tonight, we had Tuesday night worship. Travis talked about giving and taking. I am so thankful for those friendly families whomever have given homes for us.
By this new year and new semester, I wish I could have whatever I wanted got done and happy new year!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Looking for....

Last Sunday, I went to church with CCH people to raise money for CCH girls house. When we were at church and listening Travis' talk, I was so excited to see how close my relationship with God and how much belief do I have for God. After then, some CCH people were sharing their testimony with people to show how CCH and Jesus made a difference in their lives. When I think about my experience getting to know God, I was so thankful to my friend who told me about Jesus. And I felt God is working in my life to show me his love and holy spirit.
This Thursday night, I went to Robyn's house to visit her and making thank you note to the people who will donate their money for getting the CCH girls house. I am so thankful for those whoever support CCH.
Saturday, I went to prayer room and spent an hour down there praying with some other friends. It is so hard for myself to believe that my heart strongly touched by praying.
Since I know there is still a chance for me to go to Mexico for the spring break missionary trip. I am hoping so much about my growth abroad.     

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas is coming

Since Christmas is coming, each family has started decorating their Christmas Trees. However, for those families who are unable to afford  Christmas Trees is really a sad thing.  Trine University has been donating Christmas Trees to those families for years.
 This year, I was in charge of  decorating Christmas Tree representing ISA. I was so excited about my first time choosing decorations and decorating. The first step was we went to Wal-mart getting decorations. My group picked up two main colors we want to use: Red and Gold. Since we are representing ISA, we chose some special decorations like: Peace, Joy, Hope. And I had an idea of getting a Card and write Merry Christmas in different languages on it.
Decorating Christmas Tree is not tough but if you want it looks very nice you have to put some efforts on it.
The very first step is also the very important step is putting up the Tree. You need to be very patient to make sure every branch looks luxuriant.  After then, it is ready to be decorated by ornaments. Since we have two main colors, you really need to separate them kind of in order. The last step is to put the top. The Christmas Tree was nicely done.      
It is a very interesting experience of decorating a Christmas Tree. I have been excited about decorating another one for next year.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


As an international students far away from home, I have so much love from my host family. I do not feel any alone and I feel warm and being loved. I am so thankful for those people who love me and whom I love.
I came to stay with my host family from last year. We were suppose to go to Lee's house to meet family members and have thanksgiving lunch to celebrate thanksgiving day.
However, it was from yesterday I broke out in a rash. After I took some medicine and this morning it spread to everywhere on my body. Then we decided to go to hospital. My host mum just always be there for me and comfort me and care about me .I am so thankful for her love. I am not scared at all and be positive to face it. It is a special thanksgiving for me to be thankful for love.