Sunday, December 12, 2010

Looking for....

Last Sunday, I went to church with CCH people to raise money for CCH girls house. When we were at church and listening Travis' talk, I was so excited to see how close my relationship with God and how much belief do I have for God. After then, some CCH people were sharing their testimony with people to show how CCH and Jesus made a difference in their lives. When I think about my experience getting to know God, I was so thankful to my friend who told me about Jesus. And I felt God is working in my life to show me his love and holy spirit.
This Thursday night, I went to Robyn's house to visit her and making thank you note to the people who will donate their money for getting the CCH girls house. I am so thankful for those whoever support CCH.
Saturday, I went to prayer room and spent an hour down there praying with some other friends. It is so hard for myself to believe that my heart strongly touched by praying.
Since I know there is still a chance for me to go to Mexico for the spring break missionary trip. I am hoping so much about my growth abroad.     

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  1. CEN CHEN!! I'm so excited I just found your blog & I'm even more excited that you, my friend, are seeking Jesus. I'm so glad you have this chance to grow with CCH this year! God is going to be doing a lot of crazy stuff in your life and I hope you are ready for it! :) Love you!